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Range Water's owner Dwight Moody Experience

Range Water Conditioning has 40 years of experience analyzing tough water problems. We service what we sell along with most other makes. Our most valuable asset is a satisfied customer.

You can probably buy a good softener anywhere. For a softener to meet your needs it must solve the water conditions at your house, be installed properly and if needed, be professionally serviced.

WQA certified Sales Representatives professionally test your water before purchase so that we can feel confident that all of your water problems have been correctly identified. We custom fit a softener for your particular application and guarantee your satisfaction.

A History of Service

Dwight Moody began in the water business in 1972 working for a water treatment dealer in Ohio. In 1980 he purchased an existing water treatment dealership in the Grand Rapids area. With the purchase of Range Water Conditioning in 1984, (an established business since 1969) the service area expanded to the entire Iron Range. Both Little Dipper Bottling and an additional existing dealership in International Falls were purchased in 2005.

From the Grand Rapids area to International Falls we can provide a solution to virtually all of your water treatment problems. You can count on our decades of experience, service and reputation.

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